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  • hello. i am so sorry but it's time for me to leave Eklablog. I met wonderful people, and i have spent a really great time here during those last 3/4 years. But... the thing is that we all grow up at some point, and change. Sometimes, we need to let go some parts of our past... and this is exactly what i am doing right now. Besides, i am getting old now. I was 12 when i discovered this platform and now, i am almost 17 (the hell time has flied so fast!) It's like i have always been here, and at the same time it seams that it was such a long time ago..

    Well, i guess it is a farewell. Thanks for all your support.
    Sorry for only telling you now, but most of the people i know, already knew i wanted to leave (and i am sure you also already knew that). Bye my dear. 

    love you very much xoxo

    (you can still find me here : intothemistofdreams.tumblr.com)

    mon adresse mail personnelle/web : themistofdreams@outlook.com

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